Our Aim


  • Qualified ECB staff at Level 2, 3
  • All Staff are CRB checked.
  • Staff have current and up to date first aid qualification.

Staff responsibilities

  • To treat all children fairly & protect their self-esteem and develop theme individually.
  • To provide a challenging, relevant and appropriate coaching.
  • Not to use any form of physical intervention, e.g. holding, unless it is necessary to prevent personal injury to the child, other children, and adult or serious damage to property.
  • Any significant incident of unacceptable behavior will be recorded and the parent informed of the incident at the earliest opportunity. The child my be removed from the session or course if deemed necessary.
  • We take every child’s safety extremely seriously.

Expected behavior from children

  • Show respect for everyone on the course and treat them as you would wish to be treated.
  • Show respect for all personal property and the facilities.
  • Show respect for all coaches. Listen to and follow instructions given by the coaches.
  • Swearing, abusive and hurtful behavior and language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • One child’s behavior will not be allowed to endanger other children in the group by distracting the coaches.

Parents will be contacted under the following circumstances:

  • Serious injury such as a broken or suspicion of broken bone.
  • If the child is unable to participate due to serious illness.
  • Bang to head that may result in concussion.
  • Any situation resulting in a hospital visit.
  • Serious behavioral problems.