Privacy Policy

Children will no need

  • Valuables such as watches & jewelry
  • Cameras
  • Computer Games, ipad’s, Mp3 players

Mobile Phones

We Understand that parents my wish to be able to contact their children during the session but we would ask that your child does not to bring a mobile phone in case of it bring lost, stolen or damaged. The Cricket Academy does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen phones & valuables. If mobile phones are brought to the sessions we must ask that the coach is notified and the phone is switched off except in emergencies, with permission of the coach.


All of our courses have public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover.

Lost Property

We cannot guarantee the return of lost property, but we endeavor to return items that are clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

Our courses have been structured to run on an ongoing basis. We have developed a long term course structure to support you over a longer period of time to help you to reach your full potential. We have a low player to coach ratio to ensure you receive the best quality coaching. Courses are targeted at specific age range to ensure you receive the correct level of coaching specific to your skills and age.

We will work with you on the physical, technical & tactical side of your game. You will receive feedback from the coaches and suggestions on areas of improvement.